18 June 2012

Vivienne Westwood Showcase + Party

Went for the Vivienne Westwood Showcase + Party at Shaw a few weeks ago with the invitation from Nicol since he is pretty much going under "media", covering the event for his editor; we are nearing our dreams! Nearing!!! (All right, Nicol is living it already, occasionally whatsapping me with behind-the-scene photos~!) 

Highlights of the collection were the galaxy printed accessories and jelly hearts sling-backs which are really too cute. Which, is also a tough matter of weaving it into everyday wear considering my wardrobe... but then again, not that i own a pair so oh well. & i obviously could not stop staring at the Stockholm-Streetstyle-worthy-person/ editor/ living portrait. 

I love it when we meet up and roam around Kinokuniya's fashion section poring over every magazine. Spending at least a good half hour standing in one single spot pointing, yakking, commenting away before walking around town almost aimlessly. Recently i met up with him again for the same activity and to give him the Fashion Ave sign i got for him while i was in New York! 

Evia owns the funkiest items, i declare.

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