7 August 2009

National Day in School

Caught this movie today after celebrations in school, i think it's one of the most heartwarming shows i've watched!
Felt warm and fuzzy on the inside after watching it :)

Should even just watch it for the 20,000 balloons, they are so pretty and magnificent!!

Fat boy

Old man

Netball interclass today before and after the really-random-celebration, thank God stephanie took these photos with my phone while i was playing/walking around, if not there would be no photos for keepsake!!!!!!

Some photos are really funny when you enlarge them and see clearly haha


this must be when either minghe/joy/siying was shooting, and kh and i stand in awe, like :O


this photo is funny, look at the different expressions :D

Random photos

Paris hilton on notice board!

Megan Fox, aka MAN!!!!!!!!
hehehehe i just refuse to believe such a beautiful person exists, HA!

The usual things our litter bin in class are filled with

Remedial tmr at 8am eeeeeeeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiya

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  1. Hahah eeee cool I love 407 :* Anyway sorry sorry bout the interclass thing lamb, really did just want you guys to have fun!!!!!!! HAHAHA