24 July 2009

"It managed somehow to signify ownership before ownership had been discussed. A child plays the same game when he reaches out and closes his finger over the biggest chocolate eclair on the plate and then says, 'Can i have this one, Mommy?' He already got it. "

I found this pretty...interesting, in the sense that i've never really managed to describe this action of claiming ownership over things. Just read it in Roald Dahl's The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar. Haa, im a great fan of Roald Dalh's books, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Matilda, i've read them all! Oh speaking about the book Matilda, wonder where mine went to after lending it to someone. Such things always happen to me, to date, i have lost quite a few items to i-don't-know-and-i-can't-remember-who.

wow i have a gazillion tabs open right now 8D
doing a little of online shopping hehehe it's so much more convenient now that i have registered for ibanking the moment i turned 16 officially yay.

now im really tired.

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