10 December 2011

living dead

Been feeling like a complete zombie ever since prom ended two days ago, i have no idea why. But right now, im in a state of... blandness?? The taste on my tongue is bland, my view on life is bland, my conversations with people are half hearted. Im not listening, they're all just words passing through me, no matter how beautiful. 

But i do recognise this as a phase, a passing phase. 


  1. well, this is just a hangover effect of being from two extremes - from the stress of A'level to complete liberation, and then it comes to a lull period which is pretty normal.

    The unsettling short period probably feels like, " erm is that life, highs and lows, all about?"

    Things change indefinitely, even sadly sometimes, but life really has so much more to offer and still goes on after each and every page of our life chapters :))

  2. oh wow yes it makes sense that it is this "hangover effect". And thank you for making me believe once again that life is beautiful despite and maybe actually because of all these challenges :) and whoopeedooo now that im employed i feel less like a complete bummer!! ^^

  3. hahah :) well, life is more unexpected than we will like it to be sometimes, yet as time passes, these not-so-pleasant/boring/simply infuriating things that happen, we learn to appreciate the lessons we learnt. Stepping out of comfort zones always make things more interesting eventually :))