13 December 2011

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Sorry for the terrible photos because i just refused to use the flash in everyone's faces and i tried my best to tone down the exposure by editing in Aperture but… Anyway, prom was nice (and other photos on facebook!). It was sweet seeing everyone again after gruesomeAlevels and i must say, I LOVE MY CLASS! It really is the awesome company that makes all the difference. 

Highlights: Jayme's reddish/purple highlights (pun pun hahahaha) and Debbie's Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalker!! 

If anyone would like to buy my dress please drop me an email! ITS THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD!!! Designed by me +my super creative aunts hehe. It was an absolutely fun process getting the dress done, with lots of help from my amazing aunts of course. It started out with me being completely smitten with Dolce and Gabbana S/S'11 collection with all the whites, lace, and embellishments. Im not putting the runway pictures here because the juxtaposition will cause my dress to look like a total flop.. so let me bask in my own imaginary (and egoistic) glory of not being compared to fashion legends. But hey, INSPIRATION IT IS.  So yes, after multiple trips to Arab Street sourcing for the perfect fabric (imported from Italy no less, i know right, so atas ^^) and to the tailor to take my measurements, violaaaaaa~! Paired my dress with not a single piece of accessory because.. its just too much going on. 

My aunt did both my prom's hair and make-up 2 years back and this time round as well, it was a royal experience having my other aunt who's a professional photographer slathering Sally Hansen's Airbrush Spray all over my legs at the same time. What have i done to deserve such amazing people who try to imparts their skills to me while i scamper to absorb with limited capabilities.. sighhhhh. I will not be who i am today (no matter how insignificant) without my aunts in my life and their inputs in shaping of my values and passions. And of course constantly being a source of inspiration and love to me. 

Well, well, early merry christmas wishes to you! and from the last picture :D 


  1. You look SO good in that dress, seriously :) I was thinking where you got such a pretty piece from and it's so amazing that it's actually put together from scratch. Can I check with you how much you are selling it for? Do I drop you an email if I'm keen on buying it?

  2. hello! sorry for the late reply, i haven't got internet for my new home, but yes of course, just email me! TanYanger@hotmail.com

    and oh gosh, thank you for singing me praises~~ hehe ^_^

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  4. hi, the dress is really amazing and pretty. is it still available? if not, can you tell me how you made it?

  5. how much is it going for?

    1. Hi! You can drop me an email! :) tanyanger@hotmail.com