28 June 2011

Linny's Kickass 18th


/took like 19 polaroids with my camera and so glad all of them turned out well :)))) 

Oh crap this entry is about 2 weeks late oops.

But anyway it was hell of a party and all of us had s00OoOOo00o0o0oo much fun! Jayme and i went to the party together after getting my DIY top fixed at Plaza Singapura outside GONGCHAWTFHAHAHA i was just sitting there cutting while all the fluff were flying around hehehe. I got the fabric from Spotlight (20% off storewide that day!! My membership was put to good use ha ha ha im like practically a member of every DIY store.......), and black safety pins from Daiso for the side hems. I was wrecking my brain for a party outfit over a few days since the theme was PINK&OUTRAGEOUS, and i have barely anything pink in my suitcase. Dusty pink and nude colours are like the closest i have to the palette, but definitely nothing outrageous. Im constantly in basics mmmmm. 

Anyway, so we got to the junction where we did not know which was the house and since the party was already in full swing, we doubted anyone would pick up their phones to give us directions. But suddenly Jayme was like "SHHH. CAN YOU HEAR WHERE THE MUSIC IS COMING FROM??!" and that was how we found the house and THAT was how loud it was. Explains the visit from two policemen ha ha ha ha ha ha. 

Everything else later on was just a whirl with the best girls on earth. 

Dearest Lin, we had a blast and i hope you had too. I love you to the ends of the earth and you will always be the coolest, most charismatic rockstar ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is awesome how we click in so many ways and TIMBRE ANYTIME!!!! TO SEE _________, one for you and one for me HEHEHE. 


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