12 May 2011


I wanted to post a pretty picture to start off this post but then i realise im not in THAT great a mood, but yet again i don't want to post something ugly either cos that would make my blog ugly. So, i randomly picked a picture of words, from my mac file named prettyparty, where all the pretty things go ^^, and turns out so well that the words describes how im feeling and THE WAY ITS WRITTEN HAHA YES IM FEELING............. FLOATY. 

This is the trouble with being a literature student. Im taught to analyze and i usually overdo it cos ironically thats the way to hit jackpot with the examiners. Honestly, like how alliteration employed in PrettyParty emphasizes on the attractiveness of what's in and going into the file when in actual fact i named it that way COS IT SOUNDS NICE LA. But that's how all the blardy poets work. 
(apparently i haven't learn to properly appreciate them but hey, woes of an Alevel student.)

Uh, so yes. My point of typing in here after disappearing from the blogosphere~~ yet again, was that i am starting to find this crazy urgent need (i mean it, really crazy urgent. ok not really, if its THAT crazy urgent i would have been more proactive even now.) (I NEED TO STOP DOING THIS YES BLA BLA OH NOT REALLY BUT THEN AGAIN SHIZ IM GOING CRAZY ITS ALL LITERATURE) Right, crazy urgent need. Let's just stick with that for now whatever. Uh, crazy urgent need (omg i take so long to talk about it!!!!!!!!!!) to jot down everything that im going through in life and every emotion that's being expressed (ok not everything that are expressed; like how im actually hating the fruit stall in school's canteen but i can't really do anything about it?????? other than not eating them. but i love fruits). But im a lazy bum. So I cant keep up with a diary. And God knows how many times i have opened up blogger as a tab, leave it hanging there right beside style.com stockholmstreetstyle and then close it 'cos i want to sleep. SO HOW YOU TELL ME. 

It's been bugging me FOREVER.
Really, it is all this stupid little insignificant things in life that keeps ringing in my head, things that I NEED TO GET DONE. 

OMG MY HEAD IS EXPLODING i hate all these conflicting thoughts that goes through me which clearly illustrates my incoherence in thinking therefore concluding THAT IM CRAZY OH MYYYYYY!!!! 

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