11 November 2010

Bangkok 2010

1. On the plane to Bangkok and could not resist the um..temptation to study. This trip happened 2 weeks before promos so it was literally a guilt trip (ahaha im so funny), but honestly, the only studying i did over the wonderful shopping getaway was one page of H2 human geography. 
And look how time flies, promos is over, project work is over, everythinggggg is over! Not. Im still waiting for Nick to be done with A's sighhh. But in the meantime, im very (i mean it!!) motivated to get my weaker subjects all brushed up and ready for war next year >:( And, so, i have come up with a very beautiful studying plan where i will aim to complete everything by the end of November, so i can go on my Japan trip in a im-here-to-be-zen-and-do-some-soul-searching-way. Also, Jinny will be joining me in this master plan, so yay i have got company! City Hall and Fullerton starbuxxxx here we come. 

2. Taxi.

3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought the very last pair and so awesomely IN MY SIZE 5!!!!! Bought it because of its sheer novelty, can't really foresee myself walking around in this 4.5" heels.    

4. Sitting outside our hotel waiting for tuktuk man.

5. Look at the thickness of the roasted pork. Its like.. 
      |-------------------------------------------| <-- THIS THICK

6. Chinatown. Crazily cheap shopping and mind-blowing pineapple biscuits (and some other very awesome variety as well) that made me go "Did she just take these biscuits out of the oven???" while pointing to a trolly. 

Someone fly me back there already. 

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