6 September 2010

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Bohemian Bag for Spring/Summer 2010 
heeehee i've never liked LV ok i admit because i think only women age > 40 carries them BUT now i think Marc Jacobs is a geeeeenius this bag is so pretty!

Price: $2,140 eyeballsdropoutofsockets
Foxy Bag Charm: USD $1120 HAHAHAHAHHAAHAH. yeah. ha ha. 

this just scares me. sorry. 
(reminds me of the octopus-guy in Pirates of the Caribbean??)
oh by the way, this cost USD$54,500. mmm a liiiiiittle pricey. 

Photos from saturdaynightfrenzy; they are dark because it was dark and im lazy.



kiwi with pineapple hair. oh the irony.

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