7 March 2010

where for art thou?

Daily Scoop's Avocado (fav of ALL TIME) brought home by my brother's girlfriend :)

I've been missing from here for so long i myself could not stand it.
Internet, or rather wireless connection has been down for the entire week and i foresee that this situation would persist till i get a new router. Sigh..

But, not all thing's down and out! COS IT FAIR'S COMING 11MARCH!!!!!!!!!!! And all the things that are down and out are gonna get a chaaaaaaange yay!

If you've been reading my blog you would know that my own laptop is screwed, check out the state here in the previous post about it. Thus, currently (before wireless went loopy) am using my 10year old cousin's laptop (how mean is that!!) for at least a month now. And now that the wireless is loopy, im back to using my brother's com which he very graciously created a guest account for me. OK MY POINT OF SAYING THAT WHOLE LOAD OF CRAP IS THAT I HAVE TEMPORARY FILES EVERYWHERE.

And being the neurotic human that i am, it pricks me to know that my files, random pictures that i've saved are not in a single location!!!


See ya'll as i go missing for a few days again!

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