3 January 2010

New Year 2010


New year, new school, new clothes, new shoes, new house (soon), new friends, new lessons, new skills, new revelations, new visions, new dreams, new goals, new resolutions, new places, new talents, new achievements, new photos, new camera(!!!!!), new books, new mp3, new laptop, new job, new people, new rules, new experiences, new chances, new opportunities, new life :)

2009 was pretty crappy. Honestly.

Drifted away from a few really close friends and that really hurt, so many issues back home, and mugging for o's was nuts. But through it all, i gained so much more (not just weight -.-) in return. I made new friends, caught up with old ones and cherished them even more. As much as this year sucks, i did learn a lot :)

My cellgroup, E495. Thank for being such a lovely and caring bunch of people!

31st December 2009; Last training of the year

Trip to Taiwan!
Thank you softballers, for being such a wonderful team to train with for the past 4 years. Taiwan trip was a blast!!! So much memories :) I've never met/worked/trained with such sweet people like you guys, always encouraging and pushing each other on during trainings and games, its really touching to see how we are all bonded together with one goal and one dream. I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS TEAM I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unice!! Geez this was taken in Australia during our exchange programme :) This was the horse-riding ranch! Its amazing how we went to 3 countries together, and let's continue our travelling! Where shall we go next? ;) Tokyo right!!!

Hi snail!!!!!!!! Geeeez thanks for letting me crash your place hahaaha and the few overnight mugging for o's session at your place too! And now that i realise i have bus 190, you are going to see more of me!! (I don't care if you like it or not!) Of course, thanks for all your wonderful advices. Let's continue being there for each other!! :)

Jelly! Thanks for being there for me always. We've known each other so long and so well and yet each time we got so much to talk about! Let's continue this wonderful friendship :)))) love you very very muchhhhhhhhhhh, geeeez :D

Hi kok and mop and kiwi (where are you why are you not in this pic!!!), thanks for being so ready to chillax always hahaha and thanks for having me around! You guys are the best seniors!!!

To class 208 of year 2007. You guys are the most fun-loving! And all the mad competition we win hehehe! Chalet every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To class 407 of Year 2009, you guys brought so much fun and laughter into my life in school. And of course, all our super AA-antics. Hehehehe. Let's have many many many more gatherings in future! Minimum: meet ups and gatherings for the next 10 years! MINIMUM!

Last but not least, to my dear girls, for being there and being yourself. Each of us are so different yet we all click so well. Thank you for all the beautiful memories and everything that you have done for me.
Love, yang.


P/S: This post was written on New Year's Day, but due to some jerk who screwed up my day, i only got to posting it today :)

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