7 January 2010


Watched Avatar yesterday with kok and mop, it was great!!! Im gonna watch it in 3D soon :)

As much as the movie was a little too long, i enjoyed it! At least everything was explained properly and i guess what made the movie a 2h40min one were the little details. Come to think of it, it isn't thaaaaaat long since the details had to be there. Honestly, i love the movie! The trust and love displayed in the movie made me all warm and fuzzy on the inside, geeez. And i read about the making of the movie, like how they had to create a language for the Na'vi in Pandora since its a whole new world, and all the effects! Fascinating!
Oh gosh, i've never gushed about a movie like this before.

Anyways, there's so many things that i want to get, like since god knows when. Big sigh.

1. A better camera than the one i have now!
I know everyone's like getting a camera, blah blah blah but i cant be bothered, I've loved photography ever since i started tagging along my aunt, who's a photographer. And from reading random blogs and stuff, i realise it's really sad if you get a good compact cam or DSLR and your pictures are crap. I know of a person who started out using her 1mega pixel cellphone camera, and her pictures progressed to stunning ones now on proper cameras. Im now a stalker of hers HAHA!! (That's how you learn, isn't it?)

2. A new laptop and Photoshop programme :)
This isn't much of my priority since im getting braces on and that's costing me a laptop -__-
But oh well, Compaq, the one im typing on right now has served me well for 4 whole years. Totally outlasting the warranty haha. Apart from not being able to hear any sound from it (i guess its the sound card problem, since external speakers doesn't solve anything) and a couple of hiccups here and there, its not too bad. I get to use Facebook, Hotmail and Blogger, good enough! As for wanting photoshop, its just to enhance my noob (oh and i was saying other's are crap LOL) photos. But the free downloaded photo editing software im using right now is not too bad either.

Wow, this post is so wordy compared to my usual blogging style. Must be the boredom getting to me.

// Have been thinking of getting a new link to this blog; Considering a few. Hmmm, i really want this blog to be a space for me to keep on writing since i really love journalism :)

Update: LOLOLOLOL i know i shouldn't be calling other beings' photos crap, that all are art, right? But geez, you should really see some.

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