4 April 2009


This phone is such a beauty! (I shall not reveal the wonderful features hehehe)
It is exactly the kind of phone im looking for right now!!!!!!!

My arm's falling off! All 'cos of Nintendo wii!
Today, E495 came over to my house and we had a slack-and-have-fun time LOL
But I was busy swinging my arms off in tennis, baseball, track and field and some crazy bunny games hahaha!

During April Fools' Day
After recess, we turned all our tables to face the corridor instead of the whiteboard and recorded a video of our teacher stepping into the class hehehe!

Anyway, to our class guy runners, especially to minghe and shenyong, don't be sad/disappointed/emo/pissed/upset over the 4x400m race! All of us think that you guys are the coolest people amongst all the other classes on tracks! All of you are so good, it makes our hair stand just watching and cheering you guys on! At least this whole event has brought our class closer! Let's just run our race and scream for MrKoh on sports day itself hehehhe

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