19 April 2009

Photos credit to Sk and Kaiwen and my wonderful phone hehe!

My laptop has broken down so I've got to use my brother's desktop.. Maybe it is timely that my laptop crash since Mid-Years' are in 2 weeks time!!!
Yet, i haven't got any studying done.
Im still trying to decide how should i study.. Study alone at home and get sick at maths questions since asking over the phone is such a chore? Study with friends outside and most of the time can't decide what to do? I need a plan! And someone to participate in it!

Anyways, recently i am very deprived of shopping, hence, i have saved some money and i am going to continue scrimping and saving till the Great Singapore Sale----- starts 29 May ;) ---- and then SHOPPING SPREE!!!

And when i run out of money or just too exhausted from 2 or 3 days of hardcore shopping, i will go back to books and continue saving till end of the year for another mega sale/spree!

Nice plan :)

To 407: I think we are mighty cool 8) hurray to OFFL hehe

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