27 January 2009

happy new year!

Oh no today is already the last day of this cny holiday. Sense my sadness someone!!!!!!!!!

Friday after school i 'lao-ed' my first yu sheng of this cny with snail yian kh sands joey minghe and wong! We were crapping while tossing the veggies, in the midst screaming 6 POINTSSSSSSSSS MAX ALL THE A1S OWN ALL THE FOREIGN TALENTS WHEEEEHEHEH. Trying to 'lao' as high as possible, veggies were flying all over and landed in our steamboat we had fun playing games to eat up weird stuff with ppl adding mayo and pepper and raw egg ^^

After that we just sat around and talk/discuss/whine/complain/gossip/you-know-hor.. alot while playing cards super slowly.

I like my group of friends! I can picture us still gathering even when we get married and have kids become someone's mother's mother's mother! yay then we can still lao yu sheng and eat steamboat and stand on chairs to toss hehehe

The next 4 days were spent in a whirl. Down to today, the last of holiday :'(

Been trying to be diligent in collect red packets hehehe

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