13 October 2008


Why am i sick on such a beautiful monday!
There's school, there's closure ceremony, there's training.
Come to think of it, i can't remember attending any closure ceremony in school, yet i missed school today! why!

I have a mad shoe fetish!
Just can't seem to get enough of shoes shoes shoes, and more shoes. It will be rather exciting if i were a millipede, and then i could wear so many pairs of shoes at once hehehe..

I can't believe i'm saying this, but, i think i miss exams!
all the studying-at-libraries/mac/starbucks/coffeebean, all the complains, all the things-to-do-after-exams lists we came up with, studying late into the night and texting siying to whine what is wrong with hitler at the same time(god knows how i concentrate), and i really do miss lessons in class!
At least life at that point of time seems fruitful and we all had a goal!- to finish exams, that is.

I wonder how it would be like when it's our turn for last-day-of-school.

After these few days of shopping, i realized i do not only have fetish for shoes, but also a liking that i had developed for long sleeve tops! hehehe wonderful when i go to Japan~
Retail therapy got me craving for so many things, includes japanese food(!!)
But where's the joy of shopping when i can't buy all that i like??!!! angry.

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