11 December 2012


School's   o u t  t  t   t    t     t       t          !

 (A week ago actually, but it is only appropriate to be all scream-y and responding to this with the enthusiasm of a nine year old kid when thrown in a candy store. So, indulge me.)

Cafe Iguana along Clarke Quay is really good (my second time there! Whoop.), serving authentic Mexican food along with fiery jalapeños. All right, i don't have the faintest idea what authentic Mexican food is like. But i know what i had was not cinema-standard nachos and the bottles of sauces they serve were, well, never-before-seen. After eyeing the weird colors and having my one-semester-worth-of-spanish speaking friends who helped decipher, we say, bring us more Chimichangas!

We popped into some random Cuban-themed bar after and they had a live band that played my favorite 1950s Rock & Roll songs!!!! Cat and i broke into our retro dance moves as WEEEE ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK TOOONIGHT~ 

español : "little but crazy" 

Fine, so i googled for that. 

But hey, season greetings from Mr Cuban!

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