12 December 2012

Jayme Models for mylamediyprojects

I've got Jayme Chan modeling for me, waddddup. 

She's wearing two of my completed holiday projects: a black leather raw edge skirt and the other - a dark emerald green corduroy which is obviously black here because… i gave up trying to adjust the contrast and exposure yada yada in order to make it seem as close to reality as possible. So, BLACK IS THE BEST. FOREVER. AND EVER. 


I had such a wonderful day catching up with Jayme, and sipping on our one-for-one Starbucks Christmas frappes. I love university holidays- i wake up feeling bored and we roam about from shop to shop because we have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO!!!!!! NO USELESS BOOK REVIEWS!!!! NO HOLIDAY ASSIGNMENTS THAT WE ALL KNOW WILL NEVER BE MARKED!!!! 

Check out her collarbones and enjoy her sunshine smile AND HEY WHY NOT TELL ME IF YOU WANNA BUY MY SKIRTS, fund the struggling artist? ^^ (Okay, so it's phone bills we are talking about here. Nothing glamorous like a Struggling Artist with capital S and A. Mehhh.)

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