9 September 2012

Strangers only once

Mount Rainier
"Now you see it, now you don’t. Mount Rainier, true to its name, disappears behind cloud banks, stays hidden for days and weeks at a time, and reappears in most dramatic fashion. Sometimes, it floats above the clouds, visible only to mountaineers on its glacier-decked slopes and to thrilled passengers of flights climbing south from Seattle."

It's raining. It's 1.35am. 

So I've got all the reasons to be schmaltzy-waltzy. And that comes in the form of going back to good ol' natgeo.com and placing myself in a situation where i can be dazzled by the wonders of the world. It never fails to make me feel so humbly small, so contented (or at least ought to be) and just... muse about life. 

The perplexing idea of Strangers is still...perplexing me. 

Been chewing on this thought for quite some time, occasionally throwing it to the back of my mind when school readings or work overwhelm, but taking it out again on days/ nights like this (raining, 1.35am). 

It baffles me that strangers are only once. The slightest, faintest action renders it another state; an eye contact that lingered too long to be called a glance, but too short to be developed into a conversation. And wham-bam, not strangers any longer. 

You just can't go back!!! 


Maybe it's the China History mod in school that's messing with my brain. 
"The goal of statesmen throughout the centuries was to restore something of that splendid past, even though no one thought that it could ever really be done. The past framed the present."

How many times in my life have i tried to make things like before, wishing that people could be back as strangers, albeit subconsciously (maybe) and without much outcome (definitely). And of course, tiring myself out. It doesn't even help that i would just feel all eaten up inside (to which Russ would ask "why is it your fault") automatically. 

Really, it's all about coping with that history, isn't it?

Well now, shining, this must be. 


  1. i love your layout! did you create/edit it yourself?

    1. hihi! thank you! : >
      it's just a blogger template (the simplest one) and i went on to edit it under the customize section. HTML is pretty much greek to me, so this is really easy to recreate! Give it a try! :)