12 March 2012


Polaroids & a very grainy photo

And this was how we celebrated our Valentine's Day, on last Saturday, with cheap night sushi (prices slashed after 8pm at supermarkets), with milk tea, boho style. Nicky really wanted us to have a nice dinner at any restaurant of my pick (well yes ever since i started work here, i've become the go-to person among my friends for the chic-est restaurants in town~ hahaha). He was ready to spend the amount so that we could have a splendid night since he just returned from military training in Thailand for three weeks. But i figured that we could have an equally amazing time together, without spending in the nearest restaurant that has their fish&chips costing $36. 

(To clarify, i would of course splurge a little when it comes to special occasions, for the ambience and overall experience, but really, we are just fresh graduates. Isn't it greater if we could go somewhere chic AND keep the budget friendly? Ok anyway the focus of this entry is about us!!!!!!!! What am i yakking about). 

It's been… 2 years. Including the time we spent apart and finally realizing that we cannot do without each other. Weirdly, 2 years together and this was our first proper Valentine's or even any celebrations actually… 

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