13 February 2012

washed out

You shall read the following paragraph with me staring at you in the above picture.

Currently in a phase where i am busy with things to do everyday and yet, i do not complete the set tasks and the cycle repeats. But this only applies to my personal (and possibly lame) errands, not to work!! Because I am completing and delivering, I HOPE. Exciting plans coming up which serves pretty much as a good motivation to get. things. done. 

Nicky's coming back tomorrow from being away in Thailand for almost 3 weeks!! Servanthood for the nation. We barely talk over whatsapp and calls every night are hurried because it is either me falling asleep while waiting for him to be done with duties for the day and end up sleep-talking over the phone, or neither of us wanting each other to not have enough sleep to conquer the next day. Sigh. How do people do the long-distance-relationship thing, really?

I have bits and pieces of inspiration and notes jotted down everywhere and i will try my best to share them here as best as i could (both time and literal-wise).

In the meantime, head over to Yahoo's Entertainment page, MakaNation and read my (almost) maiden article published!

Oh, and i've just got my hair coloured, trying to channel the surfers' look ;) Not in the pictures above, of course.  

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