18 September 2011

Cold Waters



Im poking my head in here, dipping my toes into the waters, prudently. It feels a bit like stepping back into an old house filled with memories, both wanting to withdraw and yet deeply allured. Depends on which emotion is overpowering now...

But well yes, i have been imagining myself coming back here more...glamorously or like you know, with a bang. Kind of to match up how i left. 

Yet i learnt a wonderful lesson, that everything, or at least majority of the time, they are all a process. It encompasses patience, and a gradual consistent effort. Things become more sustainable and ultimately, strong. 

Things start fast, end fast. Think a simple cup, the more effort is put in there in its structure, its mineral content, its design, the end product is something refined and moulded, definitely more durable than a dump-it-all-in-just-whack structure. 

(ok apparently i don't know nuts about sculpting but you get my driiiift? ^^)

The problem with me is that i am so impatient and have barely flexible room for others and myself. But i have learnt that through process, would there be a transformation from within, and this would be then, 

durableadjectivedurable carpetshardwearinglong-lastingheavy-dutyindustrial-strengthtoughresistantimperishableindestructiblestrongsturdy.ANTONYMS delicate.
Slowly, but surely, i will be unstoppable.

like Maybelline mascara hahahahaha

Last night while waiting for my older brother, who never fails to mock my dressing (according to himyesterday, i look like an english monk (????) with my black long skirtpants and knit mmm), to get outof the shower.
Oh, he got out and im talking, didn't know photobooth was snapping L O L

ok gotta meet bfooz for mugging now!!!!!!!! 

P.S thank you, person who commented in previous previous post, its comments (anonymous or not) that bring me back here again :) 

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