15 July 2011


Im currently working on an entry where I, bare my soul ha ha ha. No, really, im trying to write to the best that i could, most accurately expressing myself. Doing this to yes, sadly conforming to the harsh world, justify. I may or may not be able to convince even myself that we all human beings need justification once in awhile, but still, i am going to try. 
So, in the meantime, shove all these depressing thoughts and conflicting feelings aside and indulge in looking at pretty things and get inspired~~

Its really pretty awesome with all the wedding entries and galleries of photos after photos; it makes it easier to see the entire theme of the event as well. I like the wholesomeness of it all and how the photos are taken journalism-style which ooze poise and oh-so-chic!!!

Quirky, diffused, designers, accessories, lifestyle, journalistic, passion.

Because once in awhile we have to look at such pictures to remind our air-headed selves how tiny we are and humble down before the beautiful creations of the Earth and beyond.

//Hopefully i will be able to get through writing the entry, through the brutality of facing judgement from my very self, and seeing light.

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