28 February 2011


1. 2011 started off so amazingly; being an Orientation Group Leader must have been one of the most wonderful things that happened to me in AC along with the other awesome things/events/people. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, learnt a lot of valuable lessons (leadership, responsibility..) and met the most fantastic bunch of people- everyone with the same outgoing and open mind, the readiness to meet and accept new things, which made the entire Orientation so memorable.
(so there were a bit of hiccups here and there, but on hindsight, the sheer beauty of the memories overwhelmed whatever crap went on before)

2. I cannot thank God enough for my 2 other group leader partners. From how we were complete strangers/merely schoolmates till coming together to lead a group of freshies and becoming such good friends now is just...amazing. Ahhhhh Jayme and Alwyn, i love the both of you from the deepest trenches of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Photobooth in the school gym. That's last year as a junior and also when i was still in track&field training for javelin. How things have changed. But i am not regretting anything at all, though i do miss coach a lottttttt. He is the most patient coach i have ever met. NOT ONCE have i seen him angry or even raised his voice, and he is so understanding, caring and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. AC Softball Team. WE ARE THE FIRST TEAM EVERRRRRRRR \m/ I feel very very very privileged and honored to be the captain of the team and truthfully speaking, there were so many times that i doubt myself, thinking if i am good enough at all to be the captain and lead the team. But thankfully, really, for my teammates, especially the J2s who endured my constant talk about not having enough time left till nationals and also giving me so much respect. I cannot describe my gratefulness :'( and to Nat my awesome vice-capt thank you!!!!! For your graciousness and respect for me as a partner in leading the team :') Sheila, Megan, Bel, Shang, Art, Kat and Annie who are so extraordinarily understanding and thank you for your commitment AND I LOVE YOU ALL AS MY FRIEND, TEAMMATE, SCHOOLMATE, BIGFAMILYHUG AWWWWW!! And the new juniors who joined us this year, all of them are so sweet and ready to learn. I don't know how else to elaborate on importance of respect for each other (im still trying to earn it, cos respect is earned and not asked for) but so far its been nothing short of amazing.

Recently i have been feeling this urgent need to jot down everything that is happening in my life right now, i don't know why, maybe the world is ending or maybe it is just because i don't want to lose any details of the precious memories.

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