24 January 2011

Currently on this book for Literature class and now that the movie has two of my favourite actors, I CAN'T WAIT TO WRITE/TALK/WATCH/READ (foresees myself reading it ten thousand times) IT!!!!!!!!!!! 

Im now addicted to Crime&Investigation channel and as much as they leave me depressed and fumbling for my sanity, im hooked!! Omg at stuff like how to escape from prison, killing sprees, leading a cult TAKING OVER THE WORLD ok this is completely insane. They aren't actually how-tos (duh) but its super deep insight into the cases wowowowoowww. Throughout the entire time watching, this :O is my default expression. 

and now, after reading up more on Charlie Manson, im freaking out. WHY DID I GOOGLE HIM WHYYYYY

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