12 October 2010


1. Emma Watson and coollikecucumber pixie crop, very twiggy!!! On a side note, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows coming out yaaaaay! 
im a loser, im still at book 5 since primary 3. 
2. Spotted pink clouds in school after training, took it with my awesome fatlenscamera (that's the name printed on it).
3. On the bridge linking to Platinum Mall in Bangkok aka SHOPTILLYOUDROPHEAVEN; taken with FLC :) 
4. Im going out to get those awesome knits at Topshop right.this.minute. No, kidding, haven't had lunch.  StockholmStreetStyle
5. My pretty friend and her diva fan, school's void deck with FLC ^^v


  1. YANGER!!!!!!
    You cool shitzzz! Great photographyyy! GAGAGAGAGAAA! You are damn cool leh! I think i tell you a lot of times alreadyyy!!!!
    HAHA. I like the pink clouds thingggg! :)
    PS: Your fashion sense. WOW.

    Stalker tan. HAHA

  2. eh, bkk totally doesn't look slum-pish!!

  3. Shermaine: HAHAHAH I KNEW IT WAS YOU!! YAY!! you flatter me ^^ hehe. so glad to be seeing you here, well, at least someone still reads this space! hope you're enjoying yourself after promos! 8D

    jellylim: ITS PLAT MALL YO how hip please! whole sale whole sale 2 pibs whole sale

  4. HAHA :) its true babe! haha, your blog is kool la! hah.... YESH MEETUPMEETUPPP! But PW is so annoying. sighhhh! Enjoy yourself now too!
    Seeyou soon! :D