17 October 2010


Ponti 60's shift dress  such a adorable dress it makes me go awww and all and i can already imagine pairing it with silver accessories.. or pearls.. or about anything else. The hem is such a cutie. 

Finally laid my hands on the awesome Topshop AW'10 Slouchy Cocoon Jumper which colour is of the second jumper instead. Hmm, the latter jumper looks pretty yummy too but the knits remind me too much of hospital blankets oh no. Ok no longer yummy, shudders. But yay! I really do feel like hibernating in that cocoon jumper the entire cut is perfectly..slouchy yummmm. Judging by the sweltering gross sticky weather we are struggling in, it's not time for me to put on this cocoon knit just yet, lest i die of heatstroke. But then again, to faint in it is a pretty sight. Ha kidding. 

My life feels complete. Almost. 

I don't think my Wants list will ever stop growing???????

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