15 January 2010


LLOLOLOL my phone is in the background :O
I asked the starbucks people for the paper cup just to take photos of it haaaaa. Raffles City Starbucks is the best!!! (oh, and One Fullerton's too! But the Raffles branch is 24hrs.)

Im in a roll-around-mood right now, haha so being very bo liao, i took photos of my comfyyyyyyyyyy corner hehehe


Guess who's song's playing???
Adam Lambert!! WHO ELSE?!?!?!? Jeeeeeez ;)

Apart from the virus-attacked-lookalike side of the screen and some fuzz here and there, i still managed to continue using my laptop! Yay! As well as carry on editing photos and blogging okay! (I just refuse to admit my addiction to the internet/facebook zzz -___-)

I've got a few things on my list to do next week gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh
1. Japanese Hiragana test on monday!!! Lots of stuff to memorize T.T

2. Get x-ray of teeth and then off to extraction of 4 teeth (is it 4 tooth or 4 teeth? like 4 persons not 4 people right..) yuck yuck yucccccck.

3.Shop around for shoes with the girls!

4. Ohhhhh class208 chalet on monday & tuesday. (Jap test????!!?)

But anyway, this whole week has been a whirlwind of events/activities. Like, the release of O'Level Results on monday, 11th Jan. Im really happy with my results because it is totally unexpected, sigh im utterly grateful to God, cos honestly, it's a MIRACLE.

This was us while waiting in the hall for results! Our new principal's speech was disgustingly long and made us all super jittery/nervous/excited/scared!!!!!


Oh back to results. And yes, we students have to make our choice of which JC/Poly to go to in a span of 3 days (monday after results not counted like helloooo everyone's not really in a calm state?? And dateline was today 4pm, so can't count today in either.)

My mind was completely exploding this whole week because being such a indecisive person, i just can't come to a conclusion!!!!!!!! I was totally torn apart between JC or Poly and then after deciding, i had to choose either ACJC or SAJC to put as my first choice.

But i really am thankful that at least i still get to choose to go to places that i want to. As in, ACJC, SAJC and NP mass comm are the 3 schools that i would want to go to and have been thinking about them since i started preparing for O's. So im really really glad :)

Alrighty, enough about that.

Yesterday managed to meet the girls up and had so much fun!! Really been long since we laughed so hard and so much haha!

Haha this candid is epic!!! We all took turns at trying to imitate Jo's advertisment-worthy-natural-laugh/chuckle LLOLOLLO


I waaaaaaaaaaana get more shoes. Don't look at me that way. Shoe fetish.

This is like the 4th shot, 'cos the wind was so strong, i couldn't hold the camera without it shaking and causing the photos to be blurry. Hahaha jo looking intense!

Crazy crazy photos!!!

We decided to do each other's nails; geeeeez can't wait for the ones i bought online to arrive!!!!!!!!! :D

Lots more interesting/funny photos up on facebook!

Omg this post took me so long to write; im falling asleep.

Will be switching to wordpress reaaaaaaally soon. I already got an account set up and everything. I just can't think of a nice link...

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