18 January 2010


I just stumbled upon goodness. Something and someone to watch for probably the whole of next decade in the fashion world (most definitely at least this year).

urgh i can't create a hyperlink to it right now since blogger's being a total b**ch. So do it manually, highlight, copy, paste. Trust me, its goodness for all fashion hags out there (me me me!!!!).

I googled and wiki-ed this girl, Tavi Gevinson, 13 years old. Oh my goodness gracious, t h i r t e e n.Im like turning 17 this year. Crap, what have i been doing, honestly.

Need to get a notebook, a handy and writing-friendly one. I mean, im a fan of notebooks, and technically im in no lack of them at home; But here's the ironic part, i don't really use much of them. Because i am really picky and choosy about notebooks----- A5 size, ring binded, without lines, hard cover!!
Sounds relatively simple.

I keep a yearly diary/notebook/organizer sort of thing since secondary year 2 and all 3 of them (Year2,3,4) have become treasures to me. So much so that, in the event of my house being on fire, i would grab these notebooks as opposed to bankbooks and passport(????)-- i don't know, what do paranoid old people scurry to grab when they have to leave their homes for good? (Think tv dramas!)

But yes, you get the point.

Oh why am i on the topic of notebooks?? Goodness. Shall post pictures of them tomorrow when blogger lets me :D

RIGHT, back to Tavi.

So yes, she's a maaaaaaad COOL girl honestly. Her knowledge about fashion, (not just brand whores please), about designers, about the history of fashion and her writing! Puts me to shame, really. The Cambridge examiner who marked my English scripts must be on sugar high or something to give me an A1. Le sigh.

And she has graced covers after covers on fashion mags in the US and yadda yadda yadda. Moral of story: Just check her out yourself.

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