1 September 2009


The best instant noodles i ever had.
No words can describe further.

Been feeling spacey the whole day.. Must be the weather; such cooling (prolly to the extent of cold) days are hard to come by!

Plans for today was to go to starbucks-by-the-river and study alone but judging by the weather, i would have to be stuck indoors. Furthermore, my cousins are mum are not at home since morning, hence leaving a conducive environment for me to do my studying.

I just cycled to 7-11 awhile ago to get some tidbits and drink and also to pay my phone bill. The weather totally made me feel like im not in singapore! It was chilly, and it felt like autumn turning to winter in japan/aussie. Except for the people around, zzz. The (nasty) people at 7-11 send me straight back to reality: that i am stuck in singapore preparing for disgusting exams. Nevertheless, while waiting for the lift i went to check my mailbox and i received a postcard from my wonderful friend whom i know for 8 years already!! (haha we have been sending each other post-ies 'cos it's just different from text or email! The waiting for the card is all part of the fun :D)

The moment i step into my house, it was so warm, it immediately made me feel like i was, once again, in some foreign country studying and freezing in winter, only to come home and read a letter from a friend and enjoy the warmth of the house... ~~~~


This is one of those days where being left alone at home is appreciated :)

Had never been a tidbit-y person, but i just completed one whole packet of cheezels wow. Typing away on my laptop as though im a real famous columnist/writer/adviser, seeping on my favourite ice cold plum drink in such a beautiful weather. Pretty nirvana-like! (minus the voice in my head that keeps on screaming WHY AREN'T YOU STUDYING?!?!???!)

See how examinations screw us teenagers up?

Anyways, i love soaking in the comfort of tv noise, radio noise and light. But my mum insists that im wasting electricity :(
Which i agree...but..!!

I have loads of stuff to do, paper 1s tmr... sigh. I want to get to somewhere timeless!!!!

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