20 July 2009

A really wonderful day

hi 407 is cool 8D

Since i do not update very often... well, it's the least i could do to post about my birthday and what a beautiful day today was! :)

I didn't expect much of this year's birthday because partly i got tired from organizing my brother's 21st party just 6 days ago, and also i feel that 16 is not that significant, haha other than being able to watch NC16 movies!
But i have such wonderful people and friends around me that i couldn't thank God enough for! I fell asleep last night infront of the telly, and when i woke up around 12.30am due to some silly and irritating advertisement on the telly, i saw that i had 10 over texts wishing me happy birthday! I was really touched :)

Plus i had quite a few privilages today, including the drink stall uncle treating me to my favourite yogurt mixed berries drink! Ha!

But what really touched my heart today was when in school, i was thinking if my dad would remember my birthday, and i kind of got disheartened before recess thinking that nah, he probably wouldn't. Yet, after recess i receive a text from him! I haven't even read the text properly and i started crying.. The text says,
Ms Tan, happy birthday! The significant date 20 july when man set foot on the moon for the first time. PS 300 for you to celebrate.

Its the first time in 16 years that he actually wished me so...outrightly!!!!!!!!!!

And my dad, being the the non-expressive kind of person, sent me this text which i think is the best gift i have received.

Through out the day there were somemore wishes and text i feel so loved! Plus, thanks kiwi and hoongjia for coming down today to pass me the gift!! The gift is lame, im sorry, but i see the effort! haha!

Basketball interclass after school was faaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnttaaaaaaaastic!!!!!!
I think we brought the roof down with our screams and cheers! Before 3 point shoots it would be reallyyyyy quiet and when the ball goes in, we erupted with ultra high pitch screams so bad that our players told us to tone down -.- but no!!!! that's not 407 already!! hahah!
come to think of it, most of the things we do draw alot of attention heheheh

And today, our guys truly shined!

we were bored in between half time.

sy and jq are obviously the star of the picture, not the 2 extras in front!!

3point shoot!

i think we should take more photos and guys, you can practise your smiles!!! show some teeeeeeeth! :D

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