12 July 2009

A post of random thoughts

Maybe i should update more :)
But then again maybe i should not be even using the com! There's this voice in my head that says "why aren't you studying right now????" whenever i press the switch on button of the computer. Sigh.. I reckon it is a very good thing that my laptop has gone to be with the Lord. If not i would be spending even more time online.

And i realised i have a list of things that i made up on my own, like
The Depressing Afternoon
: mainly sunday afternoons of which i roll around at home and just can't seem to pick myself up to do the laundry hehe.

Unexplained Boredom
: when i just want to bury myself in a good book and not talk to anyone. And also when i can't explain my moodiness, like duh, if not why the name Unexplained -.-

oh crap i can't remember what else. Will post about it again when i can recall what they are :)

Anyways! Harper's Island 2hour finale is on today!!!!!!!!!!!

"I don't know if you've ever noticed this, but first impressions are often entirely wrong." -Lemony Snicket
At this instance, i can't agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And that's probably the reason why i really treasure Unexpected Friendships (people you never thought you would enjoy being with-- haha hence you can infer that sometimes i do judge a book by it's cover! oh well im a human..) I miss The People pretty much..

There's differentiation common class test tmr, wow long name, so i think i better go back to the calculator, pen and thick-amath-book ;)

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