17 March 2009

"What makes a people great is their ability to creatively try out new ideas in the face of immense challenges and crises."

The Great Depression: 3M invented the Scotch tape (1930); Revlon launched long-lasting nail polish (1932); Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom and Chicken Noodle soup were introduced (1934); GE introduced the fluorescent light bulb (1938); Hewlett-Packard was established (1939).

Eisenhower Recessions: Texas Instruments introduced the transistor radio (1954); McDonald’s opened its first restaurant (1955); Proctor & Gamble tested Pampers disposable diapers (1960).

1973 Oil Crisis: Arthur Fry and Spenser Silver invented Post-it Notes (1974); Bill Gates and Paul Allen formed Microsoft (1975).

Early 1980s Recession: MTV hit the airwaves (1981); Diet Coke made debut (1982); Microsoft introduced Word for MS-DOS 1.00 (1983).

Black Monday: Prozac was approved as an antidepressant (1987).

Gulf War: The World Wide Web and Apple Powerbook debuted (1991).

Dot-com Bust: iPod was unveiled (2001); RIM introduced Blackberry 5810 (2002).

Let your creative juices flow today, people!!!!

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