21 December 2008

i have got 10 days to new year. 10 days to finish studying for Amath. 10 days includes christmas eve, christmas, new year's eve, and weekends.


all time favourite of mine.
sigh. im feeling so... many mixed feelings inside of me. I feel like a blender and there's milk tea red tea green tea ice and pearls and coconut jellies all blending together. Is that a good description? I sure hope it is :)

shall leave all the thank you speeches plus new year resolutions post to the last few days of this year, but right now, i must thank these 2 important people.

jiayi and yian!
im feeling so down today, and both of them really really cheered me up.
i can't express enough gratitude to the both of you for being there whole year round.
and aunty foo, my goodness, you are even downloading 18 ALUBMS of smap for me
police please don't catch her, and really, i have always wanted to buy their album or dvd but go to HMV and see the prices your eyes will roll down heeren. Even in tokyo it isnt cheap. $50 for one album zzz

so aunty foo thank you thank you and i know how long and how tiring it will be :)

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