22 December 2008

i am rather( almost very) fond of this show recently
but the bad people in the show are really bad! I have to keep telling myself while watching it that its' just a show -.-
oh anyway, visit http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1062966817126. It has a really cool video and its shown exclusively during the press conference.
hehe i like jeanette aw yay

I am feeling very frustrated now because i told myself to study for amath today but despite being home all day, all i did was a few questions, feel lost looking at the textbook, not knowing what to do, watch tv, roll around, eat, watch tv, use the com.
yup i summarized my day. Feeling angsty. zz

on the other note, glad that everyone's posting up the wishlist on the softball blog!
makes your secret santa's job so much easier :D

marriage is just a sleepover party at someone's house but for your lifetime.
and divorce is just when the party's over.
this sounds funky C:

D+S+Z+J+K = ????

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