21 November 2012

splendid soap

Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight~ 

Tonight was just one of those lovely times.

 It was an effortless quest, really, with these girls to hang out with. The moment when we looked up from our notes/ whining/ MacBooks (& someone's Alienware?!) to see wondrous tuffs of foamy-soapy-snow outside the glass, we let out something that can only be described as delightful yelps. 

Oh Film Studies, thank you for bringing me more than just crazy theories of psychoanalysis and black&white movies with no dialogues (& shots of soup bowls swaying onboard a ship), but also allowing me to meet these people. Randomness no, divine placement. 

I can't quite put adequate words to how i felt tonight, but it was… a perfect blend of ease and sweet contentment.

So many spontaneous funny moments, and even the comfortable silence when we each dug into our Burger Bites. 

"We are high on depression. It can only be." - Jamz

(and trust me, so many more quotable moments but sadly too much salsa got to my head i can't recall much right now yikes)

Maybe it was the free cup of Starbucks, maybe it was the foam, 
maybe it was the collective sentiments,
or maybe it was the extra sour cream that never came. 

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