3 July 2012

Photoshoot with NüYou Magazine

Did a photo-shoot/ feature story with NüYou Magazine last friday and it was all fun meeting new people and having wind~in~my~hair~ ;) And i did the interview in Chinese! I was sharing with the writer how my goal was always to be able to speak chinese like i can't speak english, and to speak english like i can't speak chinese ahha. No, really, Diana Ser is my role model! 

It is quite amazing actually how the writer, Pei Mei, and i hit it off almost immediately. The interview felt more like a girly heart-to-heart talk than a... right, interview. But truthfullyyyyyyy................................ i just get highly excited when people are paying full attention to my stories hahahahaha with my hands flailing around no less. 

Anyway do grab a copy of the August issue when its out! Doesn't matter if you can't read chinese, magazines are beautiful for the fact that it requires the flipping of pages. (Sometimes i really wonder if anyone gets what I'm talking about, but its all fine) And the glossy pictures! Breathe, editorial. Words! Words! Words!  

Took a photo with Nicol in the lift at SPH and the sweet writer from Seventeen mag, Benita/ new friend that he introduced to me was wondering out loud why the lift of all locations. And to this which Nicol promptly replied: 

"The lift is where things happen."

& this, concludes one of my another frivolous post.

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