19 June 2012

there it was, on the wall

April's issue of Elle 

For the strangest reasons that i could never fathom, i just could not lay my hands on any copy of Elle April Issue this year (saved for a really crumpled one at a random newsstand). Had my hopes high on getting it in NYC but nope, zilch. It was just snapped up everywhere! BOTH cover copies (MK & Ashley on one cover each). I even tried amazon, ebay etc... 

Had given up hope on this until............. my ex junior college classmates and i walked into PS cafe at Paragon this evening and there it was hanging on the wall for everyone's reading pleasure! 

After convincing my well-intentioned friends that I'm going to ask for it instead of shoving it into my bag and giving my best puppy-eye look, the wonderful people at PS cafe gave it to me! (It didn't matter anymore that it was rumpled i just wanted to read the beautiful words) 

Maybe it was the company i had tonight, or maybe it was the fact that i had asked for it blatantly AND gotten it, but whatever the case was, 


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