29 November 2011

knock knock who's there


Overwhelmed and in a field of daisies whoopeedadodododoooo


wow... surreal still.. :o small voice. 

Actually i was done with it since last friday but i have been too busy catching up on sleep (!!!), packing and throwing away approximately 1.2 metres high worth of notes, visiting Ikea and flooding myself with catalogues/ sketch books/ measuring tapes, reading books LEISURELY and spending time with my family.

It's pretty exciting because i have soooooooo much to do/ so many people to meet that my Muji organiser (out of my many notebooks that i actually do use contrary to popular beliefs) is filled up for this week and next! On top of my own to-do lists!! (blogging and doing up my sales blog is definitely on the list too)

I was a little apprehensive of how it would be like when A's really ends, i mean, what am i gonna do now that the thing i have been so intensely focussed on is...over?? But seems like my worries are unnecessary (as usual) because surprisingly i have lots to do that isn't even on my own "chillpill list" YET.

I love being busy anyway so no one's complaining!

Lotsssssss of photos overdue, will absolutelyyyyyyyy be having them up.

Alrighty, just watch this space ;)

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