1 October 2011


Topshop Topman A/W'11 Fashion Showcase

Lots of people-watching while sipping coke from glasses and placing them randomly before even finishing half of it. Wore a Topshop (why, of course) lycra dress with nude wedges that i successfully took a bus home in without being a hazard to anyone/myself (!!) Nicol being the best choice of person to invite along with, our passion and dream of working in this industry burning strong~ Half the time ranting to each other about how undeserving (based solely on dressing + social behavior) those people at the front row look while starving young dream chasers like us ninja our way around to get the best spot. But it won't be long before we work our way there, watch us ;) And i won't forget tonight, for when you give the person what he works for, he will make sure he be the most deserving one.

Note to self: get those amazing light-reflecting stockings that will create an illusion making my legs lose about 3 inches in width each, visually. & that knit top with the adorable ribbon at the nape. 

knits knits knits
when would my obsession with them die i'd never know...

Party Bag contents: a pair of topman sunglasses (that happen to be unisex or something?) comes with a pouch that differs in design for everyone!! Nicol got some cool tie dye galaxy wash whoop whoop. + a pretty cool beaded purse worth 15pounds whoop whoop whoop.

The male models are all soooooo tall and i look sheepishly happy???? HEHE. Oh gosh i feel so brazen........

anyway, need2sleep. 

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