25 September 2011


It is 2.42 in the morning. He is not yet home.

It has been a long day out working even on a Saturday. Its been a long night waiting for him.
The kids have reluctantly fallen asleep while waiting for their daddy's return. She fumbles for her mobile phone and dialed his number.

He picks up.

A part of her is relieved that he did because he could have turned off his phone. Maybe he was busy, maybe his phone ran out of battery. Maybe he didn't want to hear her voice anymore. Maybe he is with someone else.

She heard his voice over the phone; familiarity, comfort. But in a second, weariness and resentment took over. Again, long nights, countless from this 13 year marriage. She couldn't help herself, she asked where he is, why isn't he back yet, if he knew about the children's academic results, why does it seem that she is the only one sacrificing and when is he going to be finally present in her and their children's lives.

She didn't ask if he knew how much she needs him.

It is 3.04 in the morning. She heard the keys and the door open and close.

He is home.

A part of her is thankful that he came back so soon after the heated conversation. Maybe he cares, and at least now he is with us. But another part of her is afraid that he is doing this only to please her, when is the next time that this will happen again? How many of such long nights does she have to endure?

Loneliness in its worst form; being with someone and still feeling lonely.

But she was glad he bothered to sound angry over the phone just now, at least he isn't being indifferent. However, there were times he did. Is it because his heart has turned cold or is it him tolerating? But she didn't want him to tolerate. She wants him to work things out.

He isn't speaking to her. She locks herself in the room with the children and cries silently.

Its been a long night. Its been a long year. Its been a long time waiting for him, because she knows she is ready and would jump at any opportunity that he is available.

When would he do the same?

Now, you try waiting.

//Wrote this because it happened. I must never be like this. I wish i could help my aunt feel better, i wish there was something i could do. But what and how? Im not the husband.

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