27 June 2011

One heck of a school break

This June school holidays has been way too amazing. By amazing i mean fun, crazy, memorable, sad, beautiful, heartbreaking, flirty, drunkboozefest, guilty, exciting, happiness on all levels. 

one heck of a school break. 

One thing i learnt from my dad is to have as much as an open mind to everything, and so the moment we start judging, we stop learning. My dad is one of the most influential person in my life and.......this deserves an entry on its own. k another time.

So yes, bottom-line is, I LEARNT SO MUCH THIS JUNE. This feeling is just incredible and i can't really quite put it into words. Fulfilling is the closest i can think of..

Well, lots of crap happened and all i can say is,


alright that didn't come out the right way. What i meant is that we are young so we do stupid things but heck, WE LEARN. We become wiser, smarter, work a little bit harder and will always be a fighter. Not oh youngandfreesoidoshit in any irresponsible way and yes, i should know better.

I realized too that we need to learn to laugh at ourselves, it turns out to be a pretty good way to closure of events, and of course again not in any reckless manner. It's just...sometimes we are too hard on our individual self. Okay, one really good example was when after a party and the few of us were like shitshitshit cantbelievewedidthat!!!!!!! omgomgomogmomgomg. But you know what, we took a few deep breaths looked at each other and a smile just crept across our faces. At the very least, we are doing this in the best of company and boy, did we actually had hell of a time.

About relationships..this holiday had been a whirlwind of events. Betrayal and unfaithfulness remains the greatest of destruction and nothing much would really change my perception. It happened to my parents, and i, more than anyone, would know how it feels. So, to whoever you are reading my humble entry right now, and you've been let down, don't worry keep your head held high, it's painful yes, but you will be fine.  I will never lose faith in people, in relationships and in love (i don't get why some people are so cynical and go like "oh nonono don't even use the word LOVE!" you don't love your parents and your friends meh). I will never let myself be bitter and resentful. Because this world that God created, is still in every sense, beautiful.

Find back the passion, and keep it burning.


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