23 December 2009

What is this? Teenage angst??

adverse fate, adversity, bafflement, blow, chagrin, defeat, discontent, discouragement, disenchantment, disgruntlement, disillusionment, dissatisfaction, distress, failure, frustration, lack of success, letdown, mortification, nonsuccess, regret, setback, the knocks, unfulfillment, annoyance, bitter pill, blocking, blow, bummer, chagrin, circumvention, contravention, curbing, defeat, disgruntlement, dissatisfaction, downer, drag, failure, fizzle, foiling, grievance, hindrance, impediment, irrita, letdown, nonfulfillment, nonsuccess, obstruction, old one-two, resentment, setback, unfulfillment, vexation

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