19 November 2009

Can't wait for Adam Lambert's album on monday!!

Before i could think of a new link and a new layout for this web, im going to continue blogging!

Has been raining day and night, chilly chilly, but it gives me reasons to wear my jackets and scarfs hahaha!!

With my current obsession comes my current Best-Thing-To-Do: Blasting Adam Lambert's songs in my room and either lie on the sofa and stone or doing anything. Jeez

Just the other day i was packing and throwing away all my books/painstakingly written notes/files while having AdamLambert's songs blasting away, it felt good clearing up the mess in my room! haaaaaaaa i enjoyed the process entirely ;)

I would love to revamp/decorate my room now but whats the point of doing it when i would be moving out pretty soon. So oh well, sticking with what i have now.

PS/ I need my writing feel back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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