25 June 2009

Things I've been up to recently!

1. Baking.

2. Celebrating Father's Day, i think, for the first time :)

3. Bbq-ing at Evan's place.

4. Studying 8D

5. Watching Japanese drama on channel U (everyone should watch it too!)

Of course, i am always bias when it comes to japanese dramas/songs, but if my 21 years old brother watch it together with me, this got to show that this drama is not lame or anything close to it!!! :D

6. Catching up with my 8-years long friend!!

7. Online shopping.

8. Searching around for Rock&Roll oldies!!!!!

9. Trying not to fall sick.

10. Listening to good ol' Westlife :)

This album is really old, but i think it's the best :)
I just dug it out today, and while listening, it reminded me of my dad and the hammock.
Because when i like a song, i have it on replay till i get sick of it, so actually almost every song on my mp3 would remind me of a certain event or period of time..

11. Watching So You Think You Can Dance- Australia
I've only watched the top5 dance and they are so good that i get goosebumps watching their routine.

Oh well, off to wash up and........... continue studying.

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