11 June 2009


Ha, here's a picture of Lee Min Ho and Jessica Gomez, for people in 407 that's going crazy over him! Includes me C:

Im here taking a break, clicking and typing away for a little while before im back to solving stupid vector questions.

I was reading some random horoscope for the kick of it and one of them in a magazine said that something great was going to happen to me and i should share it people around me. So first thing that came to my mind was like, maybe i would pick up probably a $50 note on the ground and treat someone to bubble tea (heh i know quite stingy, but just something random, you know). But today..... nothing much really happened. The day went passed with me being really clumsy---- almost toppling over a chair which is like 5cm away from me and almost falling down the escalator while standing on it.

Sounds pretty sweet.

And, i can't really be bothered about the tagboard anymore. If you see it good for you, if you don't good for you too and if i see it good for me and if i don't good for me too so it's good for everybody wow isn't it good that it's good that way? ;)

I can't wait to get to malaysia tomorrow! It's first time that im going there purely for shopping and only for a day :D Actually.... malaysia is one of the most foreign countries to me despite its close proximity from us. I probably know Japan and Brisbane better. I keep mixing KL and JB up, and i haven't been to Genting before either (its like a place almost everyone went once, no?)

I should really get going.


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