31 May 2009

Parent Teacher Conference 29th May 2009

Mrs Tan: Yanger needs to be determined. Once she is determined and motivated she can do so much more. For some reason, she was very motivated last year, but not this half of the year...

Mrs Sabar (whom i met at the lift): Your daughter is full of nonsense! (laughs)

Mr Foo, Principal + Co-form (in his understand-can-already-english): Your daughter packed the cupboard full of uniform (in the General Office), very nice. You want to go see?

Many thanks to Yian Grace and Dionne for helping me to throw away 5 garbage bag-full of old uniform! haha if it wasn't for you guys i think i will be stuck folding till i don't know when.

The supposedly punishment for a skirt hem too high turned out to be... fun!
Jesse Lim was realllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyy friendly and we get to pick out some free PE shirts hehehe. Plus when The Principal told my mum how well it was folded (once again thanks to Y, G, D!), my mum was really glad. Score points! Since she wasn't too happy with me a few days ago..

And yesterday, she bought 2 more pairs of heels! Hehehe i get to wear them too..

Moral of Conference: Be determined and pack more clothes?


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