26 March 2009

lemon zest

My life's been revolving around books and notes and people these few days. With the absence of softball.. sigh. I want to miss softball and go for trainings and stuff, but there's so much work for me to clear, so many more tests to study for, and Mid Years' are coming up in a month's time!!!
Talk about stress.

It's kind of like, all these work are preventing me from missing softball? Like each time i think i miss trainings, but i will think, all these free time are for me to study!!! Crap, i can't put them into words. AM I MAKING SENSE?!?!?!

I don't like to make my blog a complaining-ground, but that's exactly what i've been doing for the past few posts. oh well.

Anyway, during dinner today, i was as usual talking rubbish to my mum. So i told her about this weird couple of people. I shared with her that how would a guy be attracted to a girl who opens her mouth and out spill vulgarities?! As in a loooooooooooong chain of english/chinese/hokkien vugalrities, some i haven even heard of. And she replied to me as a matter-of-factly, "Maybe she has got character."
It must have taken me most of my will power to prevent myself from spitting out the mouthful of rice in my mouth.
So does this equate to, VUGLARITIES = CHARACTER?!?!?!
Omgoodness no!
What is this world coming to?!
I mean its acceptable if say, the guy is someone like that too, so yeah they can have fun with whatever crap that they want to say. But, the guy isn't like that! Ok, or maybe i just haven't realise the ultimate bad points of him... which i don't really intend to find out.

Ignorance is bliss.

My brother asked me how is all that above crap my problem, and truly, it is not any of mine!
Most probably it's just the kaypo side of me hehehe

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