20 March 2009

I love harajuku
This was taken last year when i was at tokyo, sigh, i want to go back!


nothing much to rejoice about it, really!
other than the fact that i can go back to school on monday(yay), it just marks the end of my holiday, the week that i thought i could get things done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i realise that i really love school, because that's where i get to meet my wonderful friends, be in a team and play a game that i never thought i would. I don't want to graduate!!!
But we still have to move on, sigh.
Might as well make everyday in school count, make life fruitful.

Ah yes, talking about productivity, as usual, i haven't got much substantial amount of work done. Its not even as though i don't want to do it, but rather i don't have the time for it?
But then again, aren't all these just

Sigh this is a post full of distressing stuff. Troubling to the mind and to the emotions.

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