29 December 2008

MAKE IT WORK- tim gunn
my resolution/motto/goal/vision/inspiration for the year 2009!

Recently i haven been in a very stable state of mind, because i am strangely stressed out (normally i couldn't be bothered about exams, that explains the 6/80 result) by The Amath Entrance Test. Adding on to that, im not really doing anything about it! Which is obviously why im stressed/disturbed by it -.- I guess i just dont want to drop amath, amath i love you!

Looking forward to new year's eve party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But, i haven got the gift for the secret santa-game oh no. Furthermore, new year's eve just reminds me even more of o levels! I've played for 3 years of my secondary school life alr omg why time pass so fast why why why. I still remember myself taking the choose-your secondary school-book and flipping it after PSLE. I just looked for the schools that i had direct buses to, and Nanhua has 4! Hence, my decision hehehe

And now im taking o'levels in less than a year's time?!!
Not a very fantastic way to end a year with this sort of mindset (all of the written above). I would love to step into 2009 with a mind full of zest, imagine fireworks, and make 2009 work! Alright, my 2009 resolutions post will be good! And then i will come back to read my archives next year hahaha!

anyway, on a lighter note, everything that i just typed sounds so serious i realise :O, jiayi and i met this weird lady while we were shopping a few days ago.

me: Jiayi! Its raining!
lady/total stranger/passerby: It's just a drizzle, girl.

umm okay.

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